What is Stakeboard on the Cardano Blockchain?

Stakeboard is a Social Staking platform that will connect Pool Operators (SPOs) and delegators in a simple way, to generate trust in the delegation ecosystem, Cardano’s PoS, contributing to a more diverse, inclusive and balanced network of stakepools.

The three pillars of Stakeboard:

  • Connect
  • Reward
  • Decentralize

The platform will aggregate all Cardano stakepools in one place, where delegators will be able to run specific searches, based not only on quantitative criteria, but also on their values. So if a delegator wants to support single pool operator, women on blockchain, Cardano developers, charitable causes, and/or other value propositions featured on the platform, they can narrow their search for the right stakepool for them, in seconds.

Pool operators will be able to configure the stakepool profile with details such as mission and social media channels, and thus attract delegators (for example, geographic location, mission, vision, etc.).

Many scammers are creating imposter stakepools. To combat the rise of these imposters, Stakeboard will allow SPOs to verify ownership of their stakepools using a protocol made possible by CIP0022 (Cardano Improvement Proposal), allowing them to link their verified stakepools with their authentic social accounts and website.

Another topic of interest is the ISO model, which has grown in the ecosystem as a form of financing, creating a win/win situation for Cardano developers and delegators, where delegators are among the first to obtain a share of the tokens from a project they believe in, and the developers get critical funding for their work.

But this model has trouble evolving, as developers have required a great deal of influence or marketing capital to successfully launch an ISO, and scammers have emerged who spoof pools by setting a 100% margin and scamming delegates who they will never receive the tokens from the ISO.

The ISO attracts many delegates, concentrating delegation in these pools, which undermines decentralization, a situation to be resolved with different proposals for fairer models.

Alice the pool detective

A bot named Alice closely watches Cardano stakepool updates directly from the blockchain and posts a summary on both Telegram and Twitter .

Alice initially focuses on any stakepool updates, such as changes to: margin, costs, declared pledge, stakepool withdrawal and also the creation of new stakepools.

In the future, Alice will act directly on Stakeboard , so that users can be notified directly in the messaging center. At that time, as with all social platforms, users will be able to select which pools they want to follow and receive updates only for those stakepools.

This article is a brief summary of Stakeboard .

Growth is dynamic, and new needs and problems will arise. The community at Cardano is the one who has the responsibility to improve our ecosystem, and Stakeboard is the tool that enables this evolution.

Catalyst FUND7

Stakeboard presents 3 proposals:

  1. Stakeboard: Social Staking Platform
  2. Beyond ISOs: SPO-driven Funding
  3. Defending Cardano Staking Ecosystem

If you like what we are doing and want to support us along the way. Consider delegating to our stakepool [BOARD]



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