Weekly Newsletter of Li₿εʁliøη — Issue #8

News about Cardano and the cryptocurrency industry, and my new articles for the week of January 7–13.

My New Article:

Conclave: A Collective Stake Pool Protocol

A stakepool was inspired by the IOHK research paper, and decided to implement the base idea of ​​the Conclave protocol, and announced a layer 2 staking system built on the Cardano network, in order to distribute rewards equally among members to develop a more decentralized system.

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News Of The Week:

  1. Axo ended all active partnerships. The goal is to stand on its own and not rely on or provide its reputation to other projects. The separation of successful projects from dishonest or insolvent ones should be left to investors and the market. Partnerships.
  2. Cardano’s First-Ever Smart Contract in Python Version: The team of developers ImperatorLang shared a sample smart contract for Cardano written in Eopsin, a novel Pythonic programming language. Tweet.
  3. A toolkit for building custom sidechains: Input Output Global (IOG) has assembled a team of specialist engineers to build a toolkit for building custom sidechains. Using the toolkit, they have constructed an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM)-compatible sidechain public testnet as a proof of concept. IOG launches a toolkit for developing custom sidechains on Cardano.

Weekly development report as of 2023–01–13

Weekly development report as of 2023–01–13

Cardano and Algorand: Leader Selection Explained

Learn about the differences between Cardano and Algorand in terms of leader election, i.e. how the next block is chosen in these networks. Article.

Last Words. My Opinion.

Binance concentrates more than half of the market volume of the exchanges. There are several exchanges that are in danger of going bankrupt and this will increase Binance’s market share. This centralization will be favorable to regulators, like a 51% attack.



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Researcher • ϚʁyptøWriter • Content Creator Twitter @liberlion17 website: liberlion.com