Weekly Newsletter of Li₿εʁliøη — Issue #10

News about Cardano and the cryptocurrency industry, and my new articles for the week of January 21–27.

My New Articles:

Improving Reward Sharing Schemes To Increase Decentralization In Cardano

In Cardano there is a constant debate in the community about decentralization, and the main focus is at the heart of the Proof of Stake consensus protocol. To change the parameters of the protocol is to change the incentive scheme.

It is not the intention of this article to delve into the debate of ideas, as it would make it extensive, but I want to present the current situation and proposals for change.

Then, knowing these topics, you can deepen the debates, and even get involved, if it is of interest to you.

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Djed: A Stablecoin in Cardano That Must Evolve

At the time of writing this article, the next release of Djed, announced for this January, still has inaccuracies in its date, and certain features that, in my opinion, need to be improved.

I find four centralization problems and two security problems, which ultimately all impact security.

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News Of The Week:

  1. Transient anomaly in the Cardano network: On January 21 and 22, between blocks 8300569 and 8300570, the Cardano network experienced a small incident that affected approximately 50% of the nodes for one minute, causing them to disconnect and restart. IOG confirmed that investigations about the causes of the incident are still going on and once concluded will be shared with the community. U°TODAY News.
  2. Cardano Node: A new Cardano Node update v1.35.5, has been released to correct the internal data structures of the general ledger. GitHub.
  3. Sidechains in Cardano: IOG launches a toolkit for developing custom sidechains on Cardano
  4. Exchange Bitrue will list $DJED: Bitrue will be the first exchange to quote $DJED and $SHEN. Tweet.
  5. Liqwid: Liqwid Finance is an algorithmic, non-custodial interest rate curve DeFi liquidity protocol for the Cardano ecosystem. Its v1 mainnet will be launched next week. Tweet.
  6. Liqwid to Integrate Djed: Liqwid will integrate Djed, Cardano’s overcollateralized algorithmic stablecoin to power its business. Article.
  7. Minswap: the Dex will integrate the ADA/Djed and ADA/SHEN pairs. Tweet.
  8. anetaBTC: is launching its public testnet on Ergo Blockchain. Tweet.

Weekly development report as of 2023–01–27

Weekly development report as of 2023–01–27

Global Adoption Will Be By Usability

Price follows value. A maxim that holds true in the long term. But human ambition, coupled with anxiety, does not allow us to see the fundamentals and we only focus on the surface of the moment, the growth of the price. Price is cause, not consequence.

An old article I published almost 2 years ago, but it is still valid: Global Adoption Will Be By Usability.


The unique mechanism of Djed ensures its overcollateralization. In this video, COTI explained this using different scenarios.

Introducing Nebula — The Decentralized NFT Marketplace

Developed as an open-source marketplace contract for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) projects, Nebula aims to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for all NFT projects. Article.

Last Words. My Opinion.

The crypto industry is growing. Slowly global adoption grows. The competition arrives, and it’s good, but the media circus that sells emotions also arrives, because there is a market for it. Reason and unbiased data are a product that few media outlets have.

The news is repeated in many portals, you can read and compare, and thus you will draw conclusions from which to read. Learn to differentiate flashy, alarming or exciting titles from those that state content.

The difference between opinion and information is the mathematical data and/or the proven fact.



Researcher • ϚʁyptøWriter • Content Creator Twitter @liberlion17 website: liberlion.com

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Researcher • ϚʁyptøWriter • Content Creator Twitter @liberlion17 website: liberlion.com