Privacy, Anonymity and Security

You can’t be sure, if you don’t have privacy. You can’t have privacy if you don’t have security. Anonymity is not privacy, nor does it give you security, it is hiding identity.

This paradoxical relationship, in computing, translates into an infinite loop, which results in a “bug”, an unexpected defect.

Before continuing it is necessary to differentiate, security, privacy and anonymity.

Privacy is usually confused with anonymity. Privacy is also usually related to security, since it is thought that by having private data they will be safe, and this is not the case.

What better than an analogy to understand it.

Let’s suppose you are in your house, and the walls are made of a transparent material, but they can be darkened, and of such a strength that there is no possible tool to destroy them.

You don’t go through life talking about your finances with every person you come across, well, you shouldn’t, and if you do, it is imperative that you change your attitude.

In everyday life it is important to be clear about these concepts, as much as in computing. It turns out that today computers are part of everyday life. Many people do not assume it.

Your passwords, your Internet browsing, your social networks, contain sensitive data that you must protect, with privacy and security tools, which you now know are different. In some cases, anonymity is advisable.

In another article I will publish some practical tips for you to protect your privacy, and some security tools.

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