CBDC: Government Centralized Money

Trading is a primordial human activity. Since time immemorial, our ancestors exchanged goods, even in nomadic societies, between hunter-gatherer tribes, and then to a greater extent, when a sedentary lifestyle was necessary for agriculture and livestock.

The economy develops based on trade, and for this money is necessary.

Let’s look at the definition of money. Money is any asset or good, generally accepted as a means of payment by economic agents for their exchanges, and which also fulfills the functions of being a unit of account and a store of value.

The money became a means of exchange after replacing the barter of goods. It began being represented by stones, seashells, salt, silver, gold, or another type of commodity that was accepted by the majority as representative of value. Then the minting of coins was a technological advance for money. Later, paper money as a title of credit was another advance. Currently the issuance of digital or electronic money is the most widely used modern use in the world.

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