Cardano and the portability of technology

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The design of Cardano’s blockchain is focused on usability, where programming smart contracts, distributed applications (DApps) and digital identity is the essence of its technology.

The scalability of its technology and the global use promise an unprecedented computing revolution, which will have a real positive impact on people, since it decentralizes the use, allowing to avoid intermediaries in the financial or commercial operations, and giving direct relation in the social, with control over the identity of the people who can manage their data.

This evolution is supported by the global advance in the use of mobile devices with Internet connection.

Our Cardano Community Hub for Spain/Uruguay/Argentina has the mission to promote the adoption of the network, disseminating and educating its use in these three countries.

Spain, Uruguay and Argentina, are not the exception to the advance of mobile computing and this can be seen in the following graphics.

The growth in the use of mobile telephony in recent years is remarkable. China registering 1 line per person. Uruguay and Argentina show an average of more than 1 line per person. In Spain the average exceeds just over 1 line.

Source: based on World Bank data

Mobile money accounts, which reflect wallets on cell phones, have an overall increase of 600 million over the last 5 years. The regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia stand out, because banking access for most people in those areas is very low and they are replacing it with such means.

Source: based on World Bank data

The population of the main countries shows access to the Internet with some electronic device, with an adoption of more than 60%, China a little below.

70% of the populations of Uruguay, Argentina and Spain are connected to the network.

Source: based on World Bank data

No doubt, Cardano will be the global usability platform that will start a new era in commerce, finance and people’s digital identity.

We are here to fulfill our mission as a Community Hub for Spain, Uruguay and Argentina by encouraging the citizens of our countries to join the progress in this global future that Cardano will bring.

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