Ardana is the first decentralized stablecoin ecosystem on Cardano.

Ardana is a DeFi hub built on the Cardano blockchain.

Ardana is an ecosystem of DeFi protocols that work independently but symbiotic in Cardano. From a DeFi macro perspective, Ardana and its constituent protocols have been individually and collectively designed to function as a financial foundation layer for Cardano’s nascent decentralized economy by using historically proven protocol models based on capital efficiency, stability, and composability.

It is made up of a decentralized stablecoin platform , which will allow users to take advantage of Cardano’s native assets by generating stablecoins against them.

The second platform is Danaswap , which will enable highly efficient exchanges between stable asset pools, and provides a place for liquidity providers to earn trading commissions and $ DANA rewards for their provision of liquidity.


dUSD is verifiably backed by an on-chain guarantee and will allow borrowers to leverage their ADA or other supported assets.

Ardana will allow users to generate stablecoins against a collateral on the chain. Users will be able to generate various stablecoins, with dUSD being the main stablecoin at launch.

The Ardana Dollar (dUSD) is a decentralized, unbiased, on-chain, collateral-backed cryptocurrency that is pegged to the US dollar. dUSD is held in cryptocurrency wallets or platforms, and is supported by Cardano.

The stablecoin is over-collateralized with native Cardano on-chain assets that facilitate borrowing and decentralized exchange enables highly capital efficient trading between stablecoins and identical assets with low-risk income from fees for liquidity providers.

There will always be more coins in the vault than there are coins in circulation, so the stablecoin can withstand any market conditions.


It is a DEX with Automated Market Maker (AMM, automated market makers) protocol for stable multiple asset groups, that is, it automatically adjusts the concentration of a pool’s liquidity within a fixed range to create a narrow margin between the assets of the liquidity pool. This allows swaps to have minimal slippage and fees without compromising the income of liquidity providers.

DANA Token

The Ardana Token (DANA) is the utility and governance token of the Ardana ecosystem. Rewards holders with Ardana benefits and provides voting rights on changes to project parameters

Ardana Rewards Ehancement Module

It is responsible for rewarding DANA token holders with a portion of the platform fees from both Ardana Stablecoins and Danaswap.

The user can get rewards by:

  1. Delegating the DANA token to earn exDANA.
  2. Providing liquidity.
  3. Deposit dUSD in the Ardana savings module.

exDANA is a non-tradable token and provides the means for these rewards. It is created by blocking the DANA tokens in the AREM. Longer locks provide a better exchange rate between DANA and exDANA. Once exDANA is obtained, regular payments ensure that users can cash out Ardana
Stablecoins / Danaswap by providing liquidity or maintaining their exDANA.

The AREM calculator is available to calculate the amount of exDANA required to create the available rewards. Determines the amount of exDANA required to maximize a current or hypothetical position.

The expected average stability rate is 3% per year. It is adjustable by governance.
Fee income is distributed as follows: ● 30% is paid to DANA token holders in ADA.
● 40% to the Ardana Savings Module.
● 30% to the Ardana Foundation Treasury to finance future ecosystem efforts.

Ardana pays commissions at ADA. 40% of the commissions generated by the platform give DANA token holders the ability to bet and win ADA as a reward.

Danaswap commissions and rewards

The expected average stability commission is 3% per year. It is adjustable by governance. Danaswap’s commission income. Danaswap’s income is distributed as follows:
● 50% to liquidity providers.
● 30% to DANA token holders.
● 20% to the Ardana Foundation Treasury to finance future ecosystem efforts.


During the initial phase, overall governance will be handled by the Ardana founding team, with a gradual migration to voting by Ardana token holders. Voting is a critical component of Ardana’s decentralized decision-making process. To participate in governance, users of the Ardana ecosystem must delegate their DANA tokens and earn exDANA.


Ardana Stake Pool Alliance (ASPA)

Users of the Ardana ecosystem will be able to participate in stake pools that share the vision and principles of Ardana through ASPA. There will be a section on the website dedicated to highlighting ASPA partners in greater detail, along with in-depth threads, marketing campaigns and social media promotion in collaboration with ASPA partners.

Ardana will invest a part of its funds in stake pools affiliated with ASPA.

For long-term investors to get the most return on their assets, borrowing is essential, even when your ADA is at stake. ASPA seeks to generate discussion and debate to help in the development of the Ardana ecosystem.

Any stake pool with a mission and a purpose will need to complete the ASPA registration form to join.

Ardana received strategic funding from cFund

The cFund is an IOG (Charles Hoskinson) mutual fund and managed by Wave Financial , an SEC registered investment advisor with ~ $ 1 billion AUM. CFund invests in early stage innovative technology companies that build Cardano-based applications, services and services.

Ardana has received investment from cFUnd, but the full amount has not been specified. On the cFund site you can see the portfolio of companies.


The team

It is made up of technical talents, early contributors, students, and ambassadors from reputed blockchain companies and projects such as Apple, Microsoft, Barclays, Citi Bank, State Street, Mina Protocol, Cardano, the Plutus Pioneers program, and Emurgo Academy.

Ryan Matovu. Founder
Serial entrepreneur in B2B / B2C sales and e-commerce. Leadership positions in various Ethereum-based projects.

White Paper

Website: Ardana



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